When The Vacuum Industry Changes, Jim Keeler Is In The Lead
Since 1970, Inventor of the Bagless Kirby Conversion System Has Been A Pioneer


• 1970 - Kirby Sales. Over 6000 units sold as a member of the nation's largest Kirby organization.
• 1980 - National Sales an Training Director, Bison Vacuum Co.
• 1983 - Invented Self-Propelled Bison
• 1984 - Founded KEELER Vacuums
• 1990 - Founded Affordable Vacuum (Nashville, TN)
• 2008 - Invented Kirby Bagless Conversion System & Opened eBay Store

Jim Keeler started his career in the vacuum cleaner industry in 1970 in St. Petersburg Fla.

He went to work for the largest Kirby organization in the country selling more than 1000 Kirby vacuums a month.

After several years in this organization he became the top sales trainer.

When the owners of the sales organization decided to invest in and operate the Bison Vacuum Co. (Ocala, FL), Keeler soon became the National Sales and Training Director for the newly-purchased company.

About 1yr. into this endeavor he decided to make the Bison Vacuum self-propelled, as the Bison which was a Kirby like vacuum was very hard to push.

The ( self propelled ) Bison was invented around 1983, along with a Kirby-style shampooer.

Keeler left Bison in 1984, with the first national articles appeared in the Vacuum Dealer Trader Association (VDTA)  newspaper in 1984.

These machines were professionally rebuilt Kirbys with a power drive added.

The drive units were also sold in a kit form that could be installed on a regular Kirby in about 30 minutes by a trained vacuum tech.

They were called KEELER VACUUMS and were sold up to the early 90's.

Kirby came out with their own version in 1990 and Jim Keeler moved on.

He opened his vacuum stores  ( AFFORDABLE VACUUM Sales and Service ) in the Nashville, Tenn area.

After much success in this area - and in response to his many Kirby customers - he saw the need for a bagless Kirby.

Having 5 dogs of his own and filling his own Kirby bag every week he realized how expensive the bags can be to his many customers that have one or more pets.

Keeler is a firm believer in the (KISS) principal.  "Keep It Simple, Stupid".   Unlike over-engineered competitors, Keeler believes the simpler the better.   Keeler's  bagless is very straightforward, using a direct path for the dirt to follow, only about 3 inches from dirt pick up to the jar entrance.

This eliminates clogging - a hallmark of most bagless vacuums.

We use one filter. Some bagless vacuums use as many as 5 filters that need to be cleaned. These Kirbys with our conversion seem to work much better than a bag partially filled with dirt.

Our many customers tell us that when they vacuumed first with a Kirby bag then went behind with our bagless unit the amount of dirt was amazing.



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